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Posted on October 10, 2019



If you’ve worked on the sales floor for any amount of time, you’ve noticed we have a way with words. We can cuss like sailors and we can bless like saints. Some of the coolest, catchiest, phrases I know came from working in the salesforce, watching sales movies and reading sales books.

I’ve compiled a list of the catchiest sales phrases I’ve heard. Yes, much like you, I’ve heard some of these thousands of times but they still ring true and remind me what my job is.

If It’s Meant To Be, It’s Up To Me

I first heard this when I was like five days into my very first mortgage job. A rep from Brian Tracy put on a free training for us. Yes I bought the tickets he sold…

Smilin’ and Dialin’

I first heard this after watching Boiler Room. Every time I pick up the phone, I always force a smile.

Weak Salespeople Have Skinny Kids

I heard a car salesman say this for the first time. No money means no food for you or your family.

Buy or Die

When Leo says this in Wolf of Wall Street I still get chills on my arms.

Coffee Is For Closers

The classic Glengarry Glen Ross movie never goes out of style. So many awesome sayings in one movie.

Buyers Are Liars

We say this because we know it’s true.

Waiting On The Be-Back-Bus

I’ll admit, for me these days the be-back-bus shows up full. Social media has changed the game.

The Harder I Work The Luckier I Get

This is one of the best outlooks to have on life.

ABC: Always Be Closing

Another Glengarry reference. Alec Baldwin at his finest.

Every No Gets Me Closer To A Yes

We have to say things like this to ourselves just to get through the day.

It Is What It Is

When you’re in sales sh*t happens. You just gotta let it go sometimes.

You’re Only As Good As Your Last Paycheck

Every sales manager I’ve ever had said this at the beginning of every month.

Some Will Some Won’t So What

I first heard this from an MLM guy. Tell as many as you can and see who takes the offer.

Don’t Sell The Steak, Sell The Sizzle

I like the saying “no one wants a drill, they want a hole” instead, but this one is more popular.

It’s A Numbers Game

When you make hundreds of ups a day, you’re bound to close something.

The Phone Is An ATM

The phone is full of money. You just got to sell on it to get some.

You Either Close or Get Closed

In every sales situation, one of the people is a Closer.

You Can’t Hit If You Don’t Swing

If you don’t ask for the business you will never get it. #Fact

You Get FU Money From Following Up

Everyone knows the real money is in the follow-up.

How many of these do you use on a daily basis? I say at least 5-6 every day to people. In any case, you’ve got some new phrases to use, so you’re welcome! To hang out with like-minded salespeople in the largest sales group on Facebook go to

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